Does My Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Hello, I'm Kim and I'm Ryan and
we're at PNW insurance and guess what we have a question of the
week that we get all the time. When people go on vacation,
they rent cars and they want to know if their coverage is going to
extend to the rental car. So what do you think about that, Ryan?
Yeah, that's a good question because it is getting seemingly
more and more expensive to buy the rental car insurance company's
coverage and they sure try to sell it to you really hard. So here's the answer: If all of these three
things are true, then your coverage will extend and you do not
need to buy their coverage. Number one, you're renting a
vehicle within the US or Canada.

If you're
travelling outside the US or Canada, buy their insurance.
You're going to need it. Number two, you have
comprehensive and collision coverage on at least one of the
vehicles on your primary auto insurance policy. If you
just have liability, it doesn't do you any good because it's not going to
extend to cover the damage to that rental car.
And then the third thing is that the vehicle that you
are renting is an actual like everyday car or
even a pickup truck and not a U-Haul truck. If you are
renting a vehicle to move and it's a big box truck or van,
typically, that coverage will not extend your auto insurance
company coverage will not extend to that type of vehicle.
With that said then…Yeah, so what we get to is well, you
know should we just just purchase it anyway? So what's
the benefits of purchasing the rental car coverage at the rental car
company? Well, you wouldn't have your deductible that would come
into play.

You also won't have that if you had an
accident in the rental car coverage, it actually would not
go on your record because it's through the rental car company,
But, they have your credit card. Can you share that with our
audience about that? Yeah. And this is one of the main things
reasons I suggest at least considering paying for the
rental car company's extra coverage, even if your
insurance will extend to cover you. And that is a fact that
you remember that the rental car company they have your
credit card. What I've seen happen many times with clients
is they will bring the car back, think everything is fine,
and then all of a sudden they get a call a couple days later
from the rental car company saying: "Hey, there's a ding on
the bumper that wasn't there before. It's going to cost $800 or $900 to repair. You've got 2 days to
file a claim with your car insurance or we're going to charge
your credit card for that damage. And that's happened.
That happens often. So, if you had chosen to have their
insurance, they would have taken care of that themselves.
So, you know, it's tough tough call whether you should
or shouldn't.

Most people choose not to buy that extra
insurance, but it can definitely be a good idea.
Yeah, that peace of mind. It really could be. So that's
our question of the week. Thanks for joining us! Thank


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